Dom is the Home IT Assistant that fits inside the existing broadband router.

Yes, we know. It’s magic.

From the router, Dom makes sure the Wi-Fi network is always perfectly fast and stable. He can also monitor and fix all the devices that connect to the network, as well as the apps and services that build on them.

Simply put, Dom is like this friendly, virtual IT guy that makes everything in the home work. Exactly the way it should.

So you can just calm down, relax and enjoy your life.

Happy (half-size)

Managed Home Network
Every home and user is different. Their usage and environment changes rapidly over time. This means you can’t just set up a Wi-Fi once and then expect it to work. The Wi-Fi needs to be continuously monitored, analysed and optimized.
The Domos Cloud uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor the home Wi-Fi. The situation is analysed and a solution toolbox is used to fix and optimize each Wi-Fi network on an individual basis. This solution toolbox is constantly evolving as The Domos Cloud identifies new problems, recognizes its data patterns and develops solutions to fix it.
In the Home, the Domos solution is applied to existing CPEs. For most operators this is done over the air, making implementation quick and easy. Support for a range of extenders will extend the lifetime of existing CPE’s significantly.
Getting an optimal Wi-Fi sometimes needs deeper customer involvement. The Cloud communicates directly with the customer through automated dialogues. The app also allows customer to control their network (parental control, usage, access etc.). The App can be white-labelled and customized for the operator.
Automated Customer Support
AI to fix issues automatically
The cloud uses Artificial Intelligence to recognize patterns to act upon. This solves many common problems. It also automatically adapts to new problems created by new usage patterns over time.
You may envisage an automated, interactive customer service assistant inside each router.
Customer self-service
The cloud communicates directly with the user via the app. This allows for advanced automated dialogues that enable the customer to do self-service and solve the problem. Every step of the dialogue is verified by data – it’s like a huge decision tree algorithm where each node represent a data-driven diagnosis and each branch represent a real world solution.
Domos Diagnostics
Empowered customer support
Data collected is available to customer support center through a tailored and dynamic web interface. Historical and current data are visualised as well as status on dialogues and advises on what can be done. Aggregated data from measuring on the CPE also allows operator to monitor quality of their delivery.

Less customer support – Better customer satisfaction – Less churn

New Revenue Streams
Deep customer insight together with the app create new opportunities for customer communication.
Conversation – The new channel to reach customers
Interactive dialogues allow for communication with the customer in a natural and personalised language. The insight gathered from the data creates positive and proactive communication. This also gives targeted and individual messaging.

Evolve into digital platform
The system can also be used to control the devices that are connected to the Wi-Fi, in the same way it controls the Wi-Fi itself. Discover other devices, offer to diagnose them and then use this to upsell service, add-ons and renewals. After all, the best positioned player for introducing IOT full scale to the home should be the broadband provider.

Domos Labs is a Norwegian company with offices in Oslo, Norway and Oulu, Finland.
If you are a broadband provider that are looking to improve your customers Wi-Fi and want to explore new opportunities, please contact Bent on mobile +47 906 85 180, on email or on Skype: bentskaug.

If you are a user, please contact us on the social channels listed below. (Or contact Odin on +47 979 89 668 if its very important. :-) )