Cloud-Based Software for Wi-Fi Routers

Our wi-fi router software platform download and install virtualized containers from cloud on demand. The typical use case is when a new device is present in the home, a custom device driver is installed on the wi-fi router. The result is that devices always connect seamlessly, and device manufacturers can facilitate remote service and support.

The software is open sourced, so early adopters and do-it-yourself crowd can install it themselves on their existing router.

Mass market adoption need turnkey solution. We partner with wi-fi router manufacturers to enable retailers and internet service providers to integrate their products and services deeply inside their customers home. The resulting simplicity and convenience give retailers stickiness and upsell potential, while service providers can securely launch new services like home security, automation, smart energy and homecare.

Key Features

Optimized Serviceability

ISP Service Rep is always available for chat via the Wi-Fi Manager app. Our infrastructure provide real time configuration and diagnostics, enabling the Service Rep to solve problem on the spot in direct dialogue with the customer.

Ease of Use

Customer manages their Wi-Fi network through the Wi-Fi Manager App. The radically improved user experience enables customers to set up and manage their own network, reducing support calls and increasing customer satisfaction.


We protect the home network with a secure firewall. Connected devices are only accessible from the internet through managed APIs, effectively preventing cyber-attacks and other threats.


We are the first cloud-based software for residential wi-fi routers, leveraging virtualized Linux containers in an embedded software platform.

The platform supports a unified API across all connected device categories, removing significant friction for app developers.

We build on established open source technologies with vibrant developer communities like OpenWRT and Docker.

Developers of apps gets a unified API that extend across any device in any category. Today, each developer has to implement each vendor-specific API. Our unified API reduce development time to a fraction, but also enable cool use cases that are simply not possible today.

Our middleware uses Linux Containers to virtualize the software on the router

Customized interface to connected devices, enable automatic device detection and plug-and-play across all standard protocols and frequencies.

Existing Home Router