Self-Optimising Network

Use AI and the Cloud to proactively optimize your customer’s home Wi-Fi network.

The Domos Self Optimising Network (SON) is deployed onto the router over the air (OTA), supplying the Cloud with live data on all network and device performances. As each issue is identified, the SON automatically applies fixes to the router.

Massively increasing average home Wi-Fi speeds and cost-effectively reducing the number and length of support calls.

Domos Diagnostics

Empower your customer service representatives (CSR’s) with comprehensive real time data.

Domos Diagnostics delivers a complete overview of live and historical data from the Cloud and router, and suggests fixes for any highlighted problems.

Meaning your CSR’s are enabled to resolve customers’ in home Wi-Fi issues faster and more efficiently.

Reduce Average Handling Times (AHT) and improve customer experience.

Domos Insights

Deliver comprehensive QoS measurements across the entire Wi-Fi network.

Domos Insights collects quality-related data from all your customers to measure against KPI’s or SLA’s. This data measures the performance of the whole network relative to individual’s homes.

Domos Insights also provides deep analytics on in-home digital consumption adding significant value to business intelligence and customer segmentation activities.

Self Service App

An optional element of the Domos Solution is the white labelled App to provide customers with self-service options to optimise their in-home Wi-Fi experience.

The App further empowers the customer and increases their satisfaction whilst further reducing customer service costs.

Customer dialogue is initiated by proactive notifications of Wi-Fi performance degradation.

Customers can create a “control panel” for their network and access value added services (VAS) such as parental controls and security filters.